Sample Message for Magazine- High School Head Girl

Head Girl’s Message “Striving for mastery, hoping for victory, Keeping our aims and our ends in view Never deterred by the troubles we meet, Brave in the hour of sore defeat.” These lines have been profoundly imprinted on the minds and hearts of all the School NameSians. All through my school life, I’ve always felt at home and… Read More »

Sample Message for Magazine- High School Head Boy

Head Boy’s Message “…and then one day you’ll find, ten years have got behind you, no one told you when to run, you missed the starting gun.” When I was asked to give a massage as the head boy for the year 20—-, all the memories of these ——– years in _____School Name_____ etched in mind suddenly poured… Read More »

Sample Message for Magazine- High School Vice Principal

Message by Vice Principal Being mindful of one’s FEAR allows it to become his teacher and gives purpose to what is otherwise meaningless suffering. Living in a fear-based culture inevitably affects a child’s state of mind the decisions he makes. As a result, he becomes more compliant, more willing to surrender his  right, is less demanding and less… Read More »

Sample Message for Magazine- High School Principal

PRINCIPAL’S MESSAGE In its early stages, human mind is a coarse grain of sand, recurring a nurturing shell of broad spectrum of earning opportunities and experiences. It eventually gets nourishes into natures most gifted ominous pearl of creative ideas, knowledge and critical Hinging that ever revolutionized the world. I am extremely sanguine that ____School Name_____ Since its genesis… Read More »

Happy Mothers’ Day Quotes Poems and Speeches

Speech  – 2 Mothers are the sweetest blessing that we have ever got from God. A mother knows precisely what her tyke needs and when, so she deals with the tyke surrendering her own needs. There have been numerous books written, pictures drawn and clicked and stories told about moms yet this basic explanation likely draws the best… Read More »

Happy Mothers’ Day Quotes Poems and Speeches

Speech – 1 Mothers are the foundation of our entire society where we live. Moms give the best commitment to the young to develop their characters and furthermore help them to initiate fruitful perfect subjects of our own nation. For every single kid , Mothers Day is a favorable event in which they can pay worship and appreciation… Read More »

Best Interview Questions for Primary Teacher with Answers

Description of the Content- Following are the most commonly asked primary teacher interview questions with best answers. They are full of teaching job interview tips and tell you how to answer the most difficult questions. The following teaching job assistant interview questions / mock interview questions are psychologically designed. These are useful to the employers also. You may find… Read More »