One Word Substitution in English for SSC CGL Exams Ex-36

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Direction: Choose the most suitable ‘one word’ for the following phrases expressions

1.Equal in rank, merit or quality.

 (a) Chum                                                       (b) Contemporary

(c) Peer                                                          (d) Colleague

2.A person who gives written testimony for use in a law court.

(a) Deponent                                                 (b) Appellant

(c) Witness                                                     (d) Litigant

3.Present opposing arguments or evidence. (Bank P.O. 1996)

 (a) Rebut                                                       (b) Criticise

(c) Rebuff                                                       (d) Reprimand

4. Books, pictures etc. intended to arouse sexual desire.

 (a) Lewd                                                        (b) Licentious

(c) Pornography                                           (d) Erotica

5.A person who makes and sells ladies ‘hats, etc.

(a) Draper                                                      (b) Tinker

(c) Milliner                                                     (d) Farrier

6.Careful in performing duties.

 (a) Punctual                                                  (b) Punctilious

(c) Sincere                                                      (d) Pugnacious

7. To mediate between two parties in a dispute. (Central Excise, 1994)

(a) Interfere                                                   (b) Interact

(c) Interrupt                                                  (d) Intercede

8.A thing liable to be easily broken.

(a) Breakable                                                 (b) Ductile

(c) Brittle                                                        (d) Delicate

9.The place where bricks are baked.

 (a) Foundry                                                  (b) Mint

(c) Cemetery                                                  (d) Kiln

10.The branch of medical science which deals with the problems of the old. (Section Officer’s Exam, 1993)

 (a) Oncology                                                (b) Geriatrics

(c) Obstetrics                                                 (d) Endocrinology


1.(c) 2. (a)

3.(a) 4. (c)

5.(c) 6. (b)

7.(d) 8. (c)

8.(d) 10. (b)


Choose the most suitable 'one word' for the following phrasesl expressions.

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