One Word Substitution in English for SSC CGL Exams Ex- 43

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Directions: In each of the following questions, choose the most suitable ‘one for the given expression

1.People in a riot.

 (a) Crowd                                                      (b) Rabble

(c) Mob                                                           (d) Congregation

2.That which can be carried.

(a) Handy                                                       (b) Portable

(c) Potable                                                     (d) Bearable

3.Of outstanding significance. (Bank P.O. 1995)

(a) Meaningful                                               (b) Ominous

(c) Evident                                                     (d) Monumental

4. Run away from home with the lover.

(a) Galaxy                                                       (b) Cluster

(c) Constellation                                            (d) Congregation

5. A small, named group of fixed stars.

(a) Ostracize                                                  (b) Vanquish

(c) Abscond                                                   (d) Elope

6.A place of a good climate for invalids. (Stenographers’ Exam, 1991)

 (a) Asylum                                                    (b)Hospital

(c) Cemetery                                                  (d) Sanatorium     

7.A tumour which is not likely to spread.

 (a) Benign                                                     (b) Localised

(c) Dead                                                         (d) Malignant

8. Place where bankers exchange cheques and adjust balances.

(a) Exchequer                                                (b) Clearinghouse   

(c) Bank                                                          (d) Commerce house

9.One who promotes the idea of the absence of government of any kind, when every man should be a law into himself. (Assistant Grade, 1991)

 (a) Anarchist                                                 (b) Belligerent

(c) Iconoclast                                                 (d) Agnostic

10. To remove the skin of a potato or an orange.

(a) Rinse                                                         (b) Peel

(c) Scrub                                                        (d) Remove


1.(c)        2. (b)

3.(d)        4. (c)

5.(d)        6. (d)

7.(a)        8. (b)

9.(a)        10. (b)


In each of the following questions, choose the most suitable 'one for the given expression

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