One Word Substitution in English for SSC CGL Exams Ex- 44

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Directions: In each of the following questions, choose the most suitable ‘one for the given expression

1.Irrational fear of crowds.

 (a) Ochlophobia                                           (b) Claustrophobia

(c) Sitophobia                                                (d) Astraphobia

2.One appointment by two parties to settle a dispute.

 (a) Arbiter                                                     (b) Mediator

(c) Negotiator                                                (d) Middleman

3.A list of explanation of words, especially unusual ones at the end of a book.

 (a) Appendix                                                 (b) Ambidextrous

(c) Glossary                                                   (d) Index

4.One who can use either of his hands with ease? (Railway, 1991)

(a) Amateur                                                   (b)Expert

(c) Ambidextrous                                          (d) Gluttonous

5.A statement which cannot be understood.

(a) Infallible                                                   (b) Illegible

(c) Inexplicable                                              (d)Incomprehensible

6.The plants and vegetation of a region.

 (a) Flora                                                        (b) Fauna

(c) Landscape                                                            (d) Environment

7.A person who is talkative.

(a) Garrulous                                                             (b)Speaker

(c) Orator                                                       (d) Laxative

8.A medical study of skin diseases. (C.B.I.1995)

(a) Dermatology                                            (b)Orthopedic

(c) Venereology                                            (d) Homeopathy

9.Room with toilet facilities.

 (a) Suite                                                         (b) Deluxe

(c)Lavatory                                                    (d) Cabin

10.One who speaks or understands many languages.

(a) Scholar                                                     (b) Grammarian

(c) Linguist                                                     (d) Polyglot


1.(a)            2. (a)

3.(c)           4. (c)

5.(d)          6. (a)

7.(a)          8. (a)

9.(c)          10. (d)


In each of the following questions, choose the most suitable 'one for the given expression

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